Thursday, December 26, 2013

Feliz Navidad

Hey everyone hows it going ? ¡Feliz Navidad

So this week wasnt that bad since alot of people are out of town and stuff like that.On Tuesday we got a new Investigator, his name is Jarold. Jarold is a super funny and relaxed person, we taught him talked to him for a little before we had to go. We met with a referral from our Bishop after Jarolds house. Daryl is his name. WE went to his house and he told us that he wants help  so he can stop smoking, we told him about our stop smoking program and everything. He seemed very interested. Wednesday we all met at the stake center and practiced out skit for our Christmas Devotional. Later on that day we went to see the Hanks and talked to them about lesson 3"The gospel of Jesus Christ". We asked them  if we could help them move and they said they love that. Im going to cry when they leave.... Its hard to say goodbye to someone who you made a connection with and really enjoyed seeing, It reminds me of when i left home. We ended the night at Ruby and Bato's house. We talked to them about Lehi's Vison - the tree of life. Jesica ( Ruby's granddaughter) liked it alot. Thursday we  drove down to Westminister to our Christmas Devotional we had it from 9-2. It was crazy fun !!!!!!!!!!!  We went to Jarold's later that day and we found out the he read almost all of Alma since we talked to him last and had alot of questions.  we told him to pray about the questions he has and they will  come to him in due time. Friday- we  went to the Bowlers house. ( family in our ward the is struggling.) We decided to  share a spiritual message with them about Hope and Faith. My Favorite scripture to use for Faith and Hope is(Ether 12:4) look it up and you will see why its my favorite for that. After I read the scripture i looked up and brother Bowler was in tears. he told me that was  what he needed to hear. The  power the Scriptures have is so amazing it blows my mind. We went to see Eli brackett right after and we talked to him about the plan of salvation he is a recent convert of a few months and is 10 years old. Saturday we say Andi Cory and talked to her about church and hows she is doing. She is trying to get sundays off so she can go to church and bring her son. Later that night we say Linsey ( one of our investigators) we talked to her about life and how her reading is going and stuff. She wants to get baptized but she is waiting for Jesse her finance  to get an answer so they can do it together.Sunday- we had an Investigator at church Nilli, she liked it alot which is good haha.  we say the greysin our ward and gave their children a blessing. We went to a new Move ins house later that night to introduce ourselfs. His name is Issaiah Magalei. He played football at BYU in the 90's super cool guy! he is a Poly and everyone knows how nice and generous they are. he fed us and talked to us about life and where we are from and stuff like that. thats all for the weekly report. Today for P-day we are playing dodgeball..... Everyone back home knows how competitive i get when it comes to sports and knows how hard a throw a dodgeball... THIS SHOULD BE FUN...... FOR ME!!!  ill let you guys know about the outcome next week. Im looking forward to skyping home on wednesday. oh i forgot. the family we are staying with asked my companion and i what we wanted for Christmas so we told them and they got us what we wanted.  we told them they didnt have to do that, they said we want to. so guess who got a Duck Dynasty Duck call ????? ......... this guy !!! 

Love Elder Ruiz

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Goodbye Elder Hauck!

Hey Everyone  hows it going?
this morning was sad, my companion Elder Hauck left this morning to head to
Brazil. I know he is going to do a great job there, I'm sad that He left.
 So Tuesday we saw Nilli Merchant and she is doing very well she got sick
 this week so we only got to see her once. We talked to her about the gospel
 of Jesus Christ and she has some good questions. Later that day we saw
Isaiah and Amanda. We talked to Amanda about Obedience, the word of wisdom,
 and the Law of chastity. it was a good lesson  the spirit was very strong
 in their home. Wednesday we were on exchanges  but got 3 lessons. Thursday
 we met with the Grays ( a less active family.) we talked to them for a
 little and then talked about lesson 1. We soon after gave Sister Gray a
 blessing because she was sick and wanted us to give her one.Friday  we saw
 Sister Maximoff. We talked to her about the temple and family history. We
 finished off the night at Ethel Day's house. We only talked to her for a
 few minutes because she wasn't feeling well but we told her got loves her
 and will help her if she has enough faith in him. She called back Saturday
 and told us that she was feeling normal again and thanked us but we told
 her it was her faith in god that helped her. Saturday we went to lunch with
 A family that Elder Hauck lived with back in his first area. Elder Tonga
 and his companion came with us and we  had a good time. We went to the food
 bank for the volunteer party and Elder AH FOOK won a blow up mattress!!! We
 had our ward Christmas party and Elder Hauck and I had a part in the
 program!! we had to read a story called "The Two Brothers". WE finished our
 night at the Pistora's house, we talked to them about come to church and
 listening to the lessons again when they aren't super busy. Sunday we had
 church. We went around to see families so Elder Hauck could say goodbye to
them. We stopped by Isaiah and Amanda's house and elder Hauck gave them
 some gifts, Isaiah was a little sad because he was leaving. We finished off
 our night at the bishops house and the bishop and his wife took a picture
 of us and sent it to our Mothers.  We had 19 total lessons this week. Thats
 all for today  love you all.

 Love Elder RUIZ

Dec 2nd Update

Hey everyone!! how's it going?? 
so on Tuesday we met with a member named braylan and talked with him for a little before going to Isaiah's house. We talked to Isaiah more about the commandments and stuff. After we got a call from an investigator named Ethel who is in a wheelchair, she asked us if we could drop off a envelop filled with money to her son who needed to pay his rent that day or he would have to move. So elder Hauck and I drove over to her house and asked her where he lived and it was a couple miles outside our area. elder Hauck and i for some reason didnt want to say no so we left our area to help an elderly lady and her son, when we got to his house he was in tears and thanked us for delivering the money from his mom. We talked to him a little longer and found out that he had a son that died 2 months ago he was 6 years old... We told him that our message can help him and his family with the difficult time they are going through and we asked him if he would be interested in our message and before we could finish saying those words he said 'yes I want to hear more about it,I want to hear to whole thing." so since he was out of our area we referred him to the missionaries out there. Thats why we couldnt say no to Ethel, the lord put this man in front of us because he needed help. Everyone knows that I will go out of my way to help someone who is in need because I love everyone i meet. later on that day we met with Ethel and talked to her more about the gospel. Wednesday we went to see a referral from Salt lake, Nilli Merchant, she is super cool! we saw here and talked about lesson 1 and we think she will be ready for baptism soon. we also saw the Hanks and watched the Restoration with them and made it fun! we had hot coco, popcorn and candy!! we finished off the night at Ruby and Bato's house and read with them. Thursday we had a district meeting so we couldn't play football with our ward members... lame!! after the district meeting me went to a members home and ate thanksgiving lunch. later that day we went to the Stanley Lake ward Elders Members house and watched the Ravens and Steelers game, and got to look at the new Xbox 1. Friday was kinda slow so we didnt do much just checked up on someone and thats about it.Saturday we went to the park and played football with some members and non members for a few hours. The language the non members used reminded me of home.  we helped the Huntley's in our ward move to their new house and talked to one of their neighbors while helping them move. We went around that night and reminded our investigator about church the next day.Sunday i went to church without my suit jacket because We were late to the Dry cleaners so that was a fun experience. We had 3 investigator at church yesterday and a less active member Ann Miller (Amanda's mom) the 3 were Isaiah and Amanda, and Renea Cubic. they all loved church!! last night for dinner we had breakfast at a members house.They told us to come over a little early to watch the rest of the Broncos game! so we watched the 3rd and 4th quarter then had dinner. I love the people here, they all watch the sports game as long as its a Colorado Team. so we dont miss out on sports at all. all the members tell us what happen in sports so Im not sad that Im missing sports. we finished off the night at Ruby and Bato's house. we had 19 total lessons this week. Love and miss you all!

Elder Ruiz

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gabby has a baptismal date for Dec. 21. Pray for Gabby!

So this week was fun! On Tuesday everyone is the zone had lunch at the stake presidents house, he talked to us after lunch about missionary work and how we can be more effective in our work. Later than night we went to visit Ruby and Bato , we talked to her daughter and her mom about the church and everything. Ruby's granddaughter Jessica said she has been reading the Book of Mormon and has been praying and she said she knows its true because whenever she reads it has a warm feeling in her heart! I asked Her mom is she would be against Jessica going to church with Bato her grandpa and she said no.So I believe jessica is coming to church on sundayOn Wednesday we went to the temple, the Denver temple is cool!! Following the temple we went to visit sister Maximoff and talked to her about missionary work and eternal marriage. she made us some sandwiches and packed us a lunch, she said she wants to to have energy for the day.  All our other appointments fell threw. We decided to go find someone one that is a less active member in our ward but couldn't find his apartment number so we knocked on a couple doors to ask if people knew him. We found two new investigators that night and had a return appointment for thursday for a girl named Gabby. On thursday  we had district meeting then we helped the coolest family in our ward move !! its a bummer but life goes on. Later that night we met with Gabby( the girl we met wednesday night.) we talked to her about her church background stuff and talked about lesson 1 "The Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ " and she had some questions but understood all of it. We asked her is she will get baptized and she said yes!! She is on date for Dec. 21. She said she wants to change her life and to have her son grow up around good people and a good church. Following  our visit with Gabby, we went to go see Isaiah and Amanda. We talked to Isaiah about  the Law of Chastity  and the word of Wisdom. Amanda wasn't there, we told Isaiah that talking about The Law of chastity was an awkward topic but it has to be talked about haha. On Friday we had a Training meeting in Aurora in the morning, we  had weekly planning, dinner, then at & we met with Ruby and Bato again. we talked to him about how things are going and if he needs help with anything .Saturday  We went to Old Town Arvada and talked to people about the Book of Mormon and passed them out. We passed out a total of 56 Book of mormons and 17  videos about the Restoration. We finished that had lunch, then went to ARC triftstore and did some service. Later that night we had Stake Conference, the topics of the talks were Missionary work. After the session some of the other missionaries and I went to Chick-fil-a for some shakes.Sunday we had Stake Conference  then we hung out at the stake center with a couple of missionaries and had lunch and messed around. After dinner we went to see a referral that we got from salt lake and she wants to meet with us and hear more about what we believe.We finished out night at Isaiah and Amanda's house. we talked about study the scriptures and pray often. thats all for this week our total lessons this week is 17 and 3 people on date to be baptized.

Love Elder Ruiz

Monday, November 18, 2013

Amanda & Isaiah have baptismal dates!

So this week was pretty good. On Wednesday we had Zone Conference and we sat in the stake center for about 9 hours.... ( i spaced out about every 3 hours or so.) Following the zone conference we stopped by the Hanks and talked to them for a little bit before going to our dinner appointment. Our dinner appointment was with a family in another ward but 2 investigators were their and they live in our ward (linsey and jesse.) Linsey has been reading conference talks and watching conference talks and stuff all before meeting with us and loves our religion, Jesse isnt focussing on religion right now because he is trying to find a job to support his family and stuff. We taught them lesson 1 and they loved it and they came to church yesterday and stayed all 3 hours, we are meeting with them again later this week.Thursday we went to and Taught Ruby and Bato, we talked about lesson 3 and I asked ruby to be baptized by the end of the year. She is having difficulty getting sundays off of work and she said if they dont give her sundays off soon she is going to look for a new job! Friday we went to see Andy cory and Renea Cubic, We met with Andy and she was still a little shaken up after her car accident. We talked to her about coming back to church and reading the scriptures more and she said she will try and ask for some sundays off. Renea Cubic is the wife of jon Cubic (a less active member.) Renea is confused about if there is a god because she has been going through chemo therapy for over a year and she says its hard to process things and that she has shut off happiness from her life because after getting cancer and going through chemo she said she doesnt know what happiness is. we have been talking to her and explaining things like you would to a child, she said thats the only way she can understand things. Jon is has been helping us out alot with the lessons because he wants to come back to church and feel the spirit again  but,  he is taking baby steps which is good. Saturday we talked to Ruby and Bato again and Bato said that he is going to be a church every week for now on and we asked him if he wanted to pass the sacrament, so on sunday  Bato and I passed the sacrament. Sundaynight we went to Isaiah and Amanda's house and we talked to them for about 2 hours and talked about lesson 3 and the spirit was so strong and my companion Elder Hauck looked over at me and then looked back at them....He asked them if they would be baptized and prepare for baptism on Dec.24th, He said that the date just popped inot his head. Amanda said yes and started to cry, Isaiah said yes as well but whats to know more and find out in his heart if this is the right church for him. I shared with him my conversion story and after I was done I could tell that he made up his mind. This weeks numbers are 18 lessons taught, 2 people on date to be baptized, and 113 people talked to. thats all for this week.

Love Elder Ruiz

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hola de Arvada! I'm still here!

So this week we got 20 lessons, our goal was 40 as a district and me and my companions got 20. we finished with 35 as our total. We went to visit Sister Maximoff (not so much a less active member since we have been seeing her) she is the best!! we talk to her about how she feels and stuff since coming back to church and everything and she said she feels good and feels like she never left church.We stop by the Hanks at least 4 times a week and talk to them and teach them the new member lessons and they are the funniest couple ever. Brother Hanks is funny, he said call me DUH, and i was like whaa?? and he said no DUH. He said those are his initials. haha he is the best!! The only down side to our week was when we went to lordans house her mom got mad because my companions asked lordan about baptism and mom said that they were being too pushy. i didnt talk that lesson at all because I felt that it wasnt my place at all. She said that her daughter is only 9 and she wants her to understand more before she commits to something like this. She started to cry so thats when I butted in and went against my comps a little and told the mom that  we can  come back another time and we wont talk about baptism and stuff and when she feels like her daughter is ready for baptism then we can talk more about it when she is ok with that and stuff. The mom agreed with me and she said thank you and that this wasnt going to be a road block for her daughter is progressing and going to church. Ruby and Bato, so i found out that Bato was a really big star around the world for his singing. apparently is was really big in south america and stuff. We are teaching their daughter and her 2 kids who seem very interested and have alot of questions which is good. I feel that the daughter and her kids could possible be baptized in a couple weeks.I gave Bato one of my lama ties as a gift  and he was so happy he almost cried, but before that he told us that he will be at church every week for now on. Last but not least the Pistora's, they are doing good. We are going to finish the lessons with them then talk to them about being baptized.The wife wants to be baptized but she wants the husband to baptize her, its for a Personal reason and the bishop understands.The husband was very interested but something came up, we think it was something anti but we are going to  finish the lessons and see what happens.I didnt get transferred!! Im being trained by 1 of my companions Elder Hauck, he is way cool. Ill be in Arvada for awhile which is nice. YOU STAY CLASSES CALIFORNIA AND WHERE EVER EVERYONE ELSE IS AT! haha

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


       These pictures were sent from a member in the Arvada 2nd Ward. She said he looks happy and seems to be enjoying the mission!
                  (left to right) Elder Rampton, Elder Ruiz and Elder Hauck

Possibly the last week in Arvada 2nd ward!

So this week wasnt that bad which is good. We did a total of 10 1/2 service hours and helped someone move. We got 2 new investigators and met with some people that my companions have already been working with.One of our investigators Lordan who is 9 years old knows alot about the church, her mom said that she knows more about the church that she  ever did and her mom is a less active member of about 3 years. Lordan wants to be baptized by her uncle but she hasnt been able to get ahold of him because he is busy at work but, they are having dinner with his family this week so lets hope things can work out. Ruby and Bato the only Latino's in our area haha, they are super cool. Ruby is trying to get sundays off so she can attend church and be baptized, she really wants to go to church and everything it makes me happy as a person knowing that someone has alot of desire to do something. Bato is trying everything he can to help Ruby with anything which is Key in a realtionship, their goal is to get sealed in the temple!! how sweet is that???   now onto Ryan and Melanie. so Ryan and Melanie are a nice couple maybe in their early 30's, we went over to their house and started with how to begin teaching and stuff and they had alot of questions which is good and we answered almost all of them and tried to answer them as basic as possible so they can understand. After our lesson they asked us if we wanted to come to one of their small bible study groups and explain what we believe in and stuff... I was very iffyy about it because I dont want to walk into a bible bashing and stuff but  they told us that there wont be any of that and my comps think it will be a good idea. Idk when that is going to happen so we will see. And last but not least Isaiah. His mom is a less active member and he is interested in the church and stuff which is good.He is in high school and is involved in sports so me and my comps can all relate to him and stuff. we met with Isaiah, him mom, and his 19 year old sister who is attractive( dont judge me) haha. We talked about the plan of salvation and explained everything and why its important, the spirit was so strong in their house.We invited them to church on Sunday and they said they will come and next next week they are going to watch the restoration video with the missionaries. Next Mondays is transfers and I am getting transferred but I have to go to orientation with the other new missionaries so I wont be able to write so ill write in 2 weeks. love and miss all of you guys.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Change of plans- Denver (North) Colorado here I come!

This week was kind of fun i got to go to the temple this morning and the MTC president said that my mission transfer came in and that I’m going to the Denver North Mission. I realized that this is the same mission that Garrett is in so I’m kind of happy that I’ll be in the same mission with someone i know.

I just want everyone to know that I was considering coming home because I feel alone and im scared. I had a talk with president Davis, my mom, and Bryan smith and we talked about me going state side and see if that works out. Im going to try my very best and put the lord first.. I leave for Denver tonight. I will arrive in Denver tomorrow morning at and i will be starting my new journey there. I love and think all of you guys for the love and support you all have given me and I just want to say thank you and I love all of you.

-Elder Ruiz

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 2

Well this week was so busy so yesterday we had an earthquake!!! so cool haha. the epicenter was in the lower part of the country and it was a 7 something and it lasted for about 30 seconds. I went the the temple store and got a sweet bag and a couple ties. on saturday we went out to the lima south mission and went proselytizing (dont know if i spelt that right thats what it said on our agendas). it was a very spiritual and humble time that we had.we had to be with latinos because they actually know the language. I didnt understand the language but you dont need to understand the language when you feel the spirit. the very first sister we went to visit was inactive, when we walked up to her door she asked what we wanted and my companion did most on the talking and we told her that we were there for her and she was a little confused at first. right after that i felt something that i have felt some many times and no it wasnt my stomach, it was the SPIRIT!!! she started to cry and we asked what was wrong and she said that she was praying for someone to come to her and tell her that they wanted her to come back to church. she said we answered her prayers beared my testimony in what little spanish i know and told her that the church blesses everyone and that god loves all his childern no matter what they do. after the 2 hours of going around we got into 2 houses, talked to 2 people on at their door and talked to 4 poeple on the streets. its crazy what you can do in 2 hours of work. so every 2 weeks missionaries leave the MTC and they have a tradition here that on the last night we all meet on the third floor at 10:10 and go to the door that seperates the elders from the sisters and sing "GOD BE WITH YOU TILL WE MEET AGAIN" the first 3 verses are in spanish and the last verse the north americans sing it in english. its so crazy how powerful a song can touch so many lives and make so many 18-24 year old young adults cry. well thats my letter for the week, love you all

Elder Ruiz