Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hola de Arvada! I'm still here!

So this week we got 20 lessons, our goal was 40 as a district and me and my companions got 20. we finished with 35 as our total. We went to visit Sister Maximoff (not so much a less active member since we have been seeing her) she is the best!! we talk to her about how she feels and stuff since coming back to church and everything and she said she feels good and feels like she never left church.We stop by the Hanks at least 4 times a week and talk to them and teach them the new member lessons and they are the funniest couple ever. Brother Hanks is funny, he said call me DUH, and i was like whaa?? and he said no DUH. He said those are his initials. haha he is the best!! The only down side to our week was when we went to lordans house her mom got mad because my companions asked lordan about baptism and mom said that they were being too pushy. i didnt talk that lesson at all because I felt that it wasnt my place at all. She said that her daughter is only 9 and she wants her to understand more before she commits to something like this. She started to cry so thats when I butted in and went against my comps a little and told the mom that  we can  come back another time and we wont talk about baptism and stuff and when she feels like her daughter is ready for baptism then we can talk more about it when she is ok with that and stuff. The mom agreed with me and she said thank you and that this wasnt going to be a road block for her daughter is progressing and going to church. Ruby and Bato, so i found out that Bato was a really big star around the world for his singing. apparently is was really big in south america and stuff. We are teaching their daughter and her 2 kids who seem very interested and have alot of questions which is good. I feel that the daughter and her kids could possible be baptized in a couple weeks.I gave Bato one of my lama ties as a gift  and he was so happy he almost cried, but before that he told us that he will be at church every week for now on. Last but not least the Pistora's, they are doing good. We are going to finish the lessons with them then talk to them about being baptized.The wife wants to be baptized but she wants the husband to baptize her, its for a Personal reason and the bishop understands.The husband was very interested but something came up, we think it was something anti but we are going to  finish the lessons and see what happens.I didnt get transferred!! Im being trained by 1 of my companions Elder Hauck, he is way cool. Ill be in Arvada for awhile which is nice. YOU STAY CLASSES CALIFORNIA AND WHERE EVER EVERYONE ELSE IS AT! haha

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