Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 2

Well this week was so busy so yesterday we had an earthquake!!! so cool haha. the epicenter was in the lower part of the country and it was a 7 something and it lasted for about 30 seconds. I went the the temple store and got a sweet bag and a couple ties. on saturday we went out to the lima south mission and went proselytizing (dont know if i spelt that right thats what it said on our agendas). it was a very spiritual and humble time that we had.we had to be with latinos because they actually know the language. I didnt understand the language but you dont need to understand the language when you feel the spirit. the very first sister we went to visit was inactive, when we walked up to her door she asked what we wanted and my companion did most on the talking and we told her that we were there for her and she was a little confused at first. right after that i felt something that i have felt some many times and no it wasnt my stomach, it was the SPIRIT!!! she started to cry and we asked what was wrong and she said that she was praying for someone to come to her and tell her that they wanted her to come back to church. she said we answered her prayers beared my testimony in what little spanish i know and told her that the church blesses everyone and that god loves all his childern no matter what they do. after the 2 hours of going around we got into 2 houses, talked to 2 people on at their door and talked to 4 poeple on the streets. its crazy what you can do in 2 hours of work. so every 2 weeks missionaries leave the MTC and they have a tradition here that on the last night we all meet on the third floor at 10:10 and go to the door that seperates the elders from the sisters and sing "GOD BE WITH YOU TILL WE MEET AGAIN" the first 3 verses are in spanish and the last verse the north americans sing it in english. its so crazy how powerful a song can touch so many lives and make so many 18-24 year old young adults cry. well thats my letter for the week, love you all

Elder Ruiz