Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Transfers: Staying put for another 6 weeks!

​Hey Everybody!
So this last week was fun ! On tuesday we went to see some less active people. They werent happy to see us but we were happy to see them.  Wednesday we went to the Lyons home to read scriptures with brother Lyons. I yawned when i read a scripture and he went into the kitchen and got 9 volt batteries and said every time any of us yawns the person that yawned has to but the 9v battery to their tongue! lets just say my tongue was feeling weird for a little bit.  On Thursday we went to the Snell's house for a lesson and talked about some of the commandments. Friday  we helped the Lyons move some stuff in their house so they can put their house on the market. Saturday night we had transfer meeting and we found out that me and my companion are staying together for another 6 weeks! Sunday we went  to church and sat next to the Snells. Sister Snell came to church and stayed all three hours! After church we went to to go see a couple of members and then went to the Marrone's house to see them and check  up on them and see how things are going and set up a time to go to their house on Saturdayfor a lesson. Well thats all for this week , hope you guys have a great week!  pictures  from last week and transfer meeting!
Love Elder Ruiz

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hey everyone!
 So this  week was pretty fun. On Tuesday we went to go see sister Austin, a elderly lady in our ward. We stopped by to visit her and her daughter and son were there so we got to know them a little more. They invited us over on Saturday for lunch.  On Wednesday  we met Janice Metlace, a convert of about 1 year. she has been missing alot of church lately and we wanted to see if things were ok and they were, she was just out of town alot with work. On Thursday we went to go see the Ramos Family and taught them the restoration and talked about baptism since their Daughter is getting baptized of Saturday.  They wanted her to understand it more and why not have the missionaries come over and talk about it! On Friday we Planned and Taught the phlen's, a family in our ward. We go over and teach their kids, they want them to have a better understanding of the church and stuff. Saturday morning we helped someone in our ward move and after that we went to the Ramos Baptism.  Later that night we Taught the Marrone Family. We talked about the Restoration. Our lesson went really well, they said they will get baptized when they know the things we told them are true. They are a amazing family, the father john is the only hold up but he is slowly gaining a testimony of the book of Mormon!  On Sunday We to church and didnt see sister Snell, so we asked brother snell and he said that she woke up late and didnt want to come. So guess what elder Clough and I did? We left church, walked home in the snow to get our car and drove over to their house and talked to sister Snell.  We told her that their family goal was to make it to the temple by next Easter and missing church isnt going to help her get to the temple. We told her that we left church  and walked in the snow to come talk to her because we love her and her family and want the best for their family. After church we went to the Nate Steers house with Josh lyons and made cookies for a elderly lady in our ward. When we got back to Nate's house his mom said that Nate is going to go to Mormon Formal and we (elder Clough and I ) are going to ask her for Nate!  I want you to stop and thing about this for a little bit, what would you think if missionaries in your ward came to your house to teach you a lesson but really the lesson was asking your daughter to Mormon formal?  We had sister Steers call the parents first so they knew what was going on so things wouldn't be awkward. The Cool thing is, the Girl said yes to him!!  you can always count on the Missionaries to get the job done. Well thats all for this week, hope to hear back from you guys soon!
Love Elder Ruiz

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"This week has been the best..."

 Hey Everyone!
  So This week was by far the best since coming to Parker! We got three new
 investigators this week!  One Is a missionaries girlsfriend. The family of
 the missionary has been helping us out alot with her and we had a lesson at
 their house .  She wants to be Baptized but we  all think she
 wants to be baptized for him and not for herself. We are going over to the
 Justice home to watch conference with them and their sons Girlfriend. The
 other investigators are a Family that has been coming to church for a few
 weeks and we had dinner at the Bishops house with them last night and had a
 lesson with them. Their kids have told them that they want to be Baptized!
 how cool is that? The parents want to learn a little more about the church
 before allowing their kids to be baptized. We went to Red Robbin to relax
 for lunch and have a good time and one of the managers paid for all of our
 meals! He told us that The past manager was mormon and he would always pay
 for the missionaries meals when they came in. He told us he is just keeping
 the tradition alive and told us to keep up the good work. Well thats all
 for this week, thanks for all the Birthday wishes! Ill talk to you guys
 next week.

 Love Elder Ruiz