Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"This week has been the best..."

 Hey Everyone!
  So This week was by far the best since coming to Parker! We got three new
 investigators this week!  One Is a missionaries girlsfriend. The family of
 the missionary has been helping us out alot with her and we had a lesson at
 their house .  She wants to be Baptized but we  all think she
 wants to be baptized for him and not for herself. We are going over to the
 Justice home to watch conference with them and their sons Girlfriend. The
 other investigators are a Family that has been coming to church for a few
 weeks and we had dinner at the Bishops house with them last night and had a
 lesson with them. Their kids have told them that they want to be Baptized!
 how cool is that? The parents want to learn a little more about the church
 before allowing their kids to be baptized. We went to Red Robbin to relax
 for lunch and have a good time and one of the managers paid for all of our
 meals! He told us that The past manager was mormon and he would always pay
 for the missionaries meals when they came in. He told us he is just keeping
 the tradition alive and told us to keep up the good work. Well thats all
 for this week, thanks for all the Birthday wishes! Ill talk to you guys
 next week.

 Love Elder Ruiz

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