Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Transfers: Staying put for another 6 weeks!

​Hey Everybody!
So this last week was fun ! On tuesday we went to see some less active people. They werent happy to see us but we were happy to see them.  Wednesday we went to the Lyons home to read scriptures with brother Lyons. I yawned when i read a scripture and he went into the kitchen and got 9 volt batteries and said every time any of us yawns the person that yawned has to but the 9v battery to their tongue! lets just say my tongue was feeling weird for a little bit.  On Thursday we went to the Snell's house for a lesson and talked about some of the commandments. Friday  we helped the Lyons move some stuff in their house so they can put their house on the market. Saturday night we had transfer meeting and we found out that me and my companion are staying together for another 6 weeks! Sunday we went  to church and sat next to the Snells. Sister Snell came to church and stayed all three hours! After church we went to to go see a couple of members and then went to the Marrone's house to see them and check  up on them and see how things are going and set up a time to go to their house on Saturdayfor a lesson. Well thats all for this week , hope you guys have a great week!  pictures  from last week and transfer meeting!
Love Elder Ruiz

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