Monday, February 24, 2014

Another week in the mission field

Hey everyone hows it going?

 So this week was pretty good. so im going to just start from Wednesday
 since all the other days were in last weeks email. Wednesday we went to the
 temple and later on that day we saw jarold and talked to him about the
 atonement  and it went pretty well he opened up a little more than usual.
 Thursday we went to Nilli's house and read with her some more in the book
 of Mormon. She is still trying to get a testimony of it. we decided to
 share with her the  Mormon message "you know enough"  Neil A. Anderson.
 later  on that night we saw the Trues. We talked about some of the
 commandments, Brother True is willing to follow the commandments which is
 really good. Friday we went around searching for  less active members in
 our ward. Saturday we started off the day Helping Brother Lara with
 restoration work on his 53 Apache.  then went to search for more less
 actives. Sunday was a very slow day. Well thats all for this week. today we
 are hiking table top mountain... should be fun!

 Love Elder Ruiz

Monday, February 3, 2014

Hey Everyone!
 This week was good!  so I forgot my planner from last week so im going off
 of what i remember.... here we go! so we went on exchanges and had
 alot of fun!  I was with our district leader Elder Clark. He wrestled in
 high school as well, so for our work out we wrestled in the morning.... I
 lost 3 out of the 5 matched we had. We saw Nilli merchant and  we talked
 about the commandments so more. it went really well. Later on that day we
 went to see a less active family the Graves, We talked to them about
 reading and praying and the importance of church. we talked  to
 some less actives in our area. we got canceled on alot! but its
 all good it happens.  and we had a driving ban for  half of
 the day because the roads were really bad.We shoveled peoples walks pretty
 much all day. I broke an 88 year old mans shovel so when we were able to
 drive again we went  to the store and i got him a new one.  we went
 around visiting the elderly in our ward and shoveling their driveways. We
 found out who was getting transferred that night and me and my comp are
 staying together for another 6 weeks. So it looks like im going to start my
 "sister Mission" in Arvada !  as you all know was the superbowl. We
 went around TRYING  to see people in our ward. lets just say we got alot of
 food when we went over to their houses. So Elder Houldridge and i  this
 transfer got a total of 110 lessons!!  how cool is that?? we worked so
 hard. Well thats all for this week.

 Love Elder Ruiz