Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A letter from a sweet member

I has been a while since I have sent you a note.  Elder Ruiz stopped by yesterday to visit as he felt he would get a transfer notice last night.  I saw him at church today and he did get transferred.  He will be going to the Parker area.  It is South and East of here.  Still in the Denver Metro area.   Maybe he has already let you know all this but I wanted to say something too. 
Josie, it has been such a pleasure to get to know your son over the almost 5 months he has served in our ward.  He is a wonderful young man and has such a special spirit about him when he and his companion stop by our home to visit now and again.  We have loved spending time with him.  He isn't just a missionary serving in our ward but more like extended family since you know Camille and her family.  We have enjoyed watching him grow and gain more confidence in himself over time and  loving serving his mission.  I will miss seeing him each Sunday and during the week.  I want you to know that Dave and I know he is ready to carry on and can meet the challenges that come his way.  He will be a great leader and example to those he is around.  We have grown to love this young man of yours.  We do hope that he will be assigned back in our Stake before the end of his mission so we can see him again.   When he was at our house yesterday I gave him a hug before he left.  It was from both me and you to him.  I told him I will keep reading his letters home that are posted on his blog to keep up with what he is doing. 
I am thankful for the contact with your family.  Take care and know your Elder is doing well and is happy. 
Love to you and your family.

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