Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nilli is coming around

 Hey Everyone! whats up ?

 On Tuesday we saw brother Harrown and talked to him a little bit and got
  to understand what his religious background was. He told us that he wants
 his kids to be baptized in the church! how cool is that??  later that day
we saw Nilli Merchant and  answered  some more of her questions. Nilli's
on Brandon is slowly coming around, which is very good.Wednesday we saw
some less active members and talked to them about coming back to church and
 seeing the blessing of coming to church. On Thursday  We had Dinner with
 Nilli and talked to her son Brandon some more and we think he is close to
 opening up and willing to take the lessons. Friday we saw a less active
member named Angie and she is a very nice lady. She said that things have
 settled down with work and her and her husband who isnt a member are going
to start coming to church again. Saturday we saw some members and sunday we
went around trying to find some less active members and other people. Well
 thats all for this week. hope to hear from you guys soon.  the picture was
after the 5K

Love Elder Ruiz

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