Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Hey Everyone ! How's it going?

  Well today was transfer day and i got moved to Parker Colorado. So Last week we pretty good, we taught Nilli in a members home. The Lesson with Nilli went pretty well, she had alot of questions and we tried our best to answer them to the best of our ability.  We saw Jennifer Haberl and talked  to here about faith and repentence. She feels that she has to repent because she talks bad about her mom. we went on exchanges and we saw the Kubics. Brother Kubic forgot that we set something up with him for, but we still talked to him for a bit. at night we
found out that i was getting transferred, we told Nilli that night and shewas very sad. Brother Kubic came to church! He told me that i was a big help in him coming back to church. He hasnt been to church in 29 years! He said he is going to start going to church so we can go to the temple. Bishop Larson Asked me to share my testimony at the end of sacrament meeting and Ill admit, i cried a little.  Well thats all for this week, sorry There isnt more.

Love Elder Ruiz

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