Monday, November 18, 2013

Amanda & Isaiah have baptismal dates!

So this week was pretty good. On Wednesday we had Zone Conference and we sat in the stake center for about 9 hours.... ( i spaced out about every 3 hours or so.) Following the zone conference we stopped by the Hanks and talked to them for a little bit before going to our dinner appointment. Our dinner appointment was with a family in another ward but 2 investigators were their and they live in our ward (linsey and jesse.) Linsey has been reading conference talks and watching conference talks and stuff all before meeting with us and loves our religion, Jesse isnt focussing on religion right now because he is trying to find a job to support his family and stuff. We taught them lesson 1 and they loved it and they came to church yesterday and stayed all 3 hours, we are meeting with them again later this week.Thursday we went to and Taught Ruby and Bato, we talked about lesson 3 and I asked ruby to be baptized by the end of the year. She is having difficulty getting sundays off of work and she said if they dont give her sundays off soon she is going to look for a new job! Friday we went to see Andy cory and Renea Cubic, We met with Andy and she was still a little shaken up after her car accident. We talked to her about coming back to church and reading the scriptures more and she said she will try and ask for some sundays off. Renea Cubic is the wife of jon Cubic (a less active member.) Renea is confused about if there is a god because she has been going through chemo therapy for over a year and she says its hard to process things and that she has shut off happiness from her life because after getting cancer and going through chemo she said she doesnt know what happiness is. we have been talking to her and explaining things like you would to a child, she said thats the only way she can understand things. Jon is has been helping us out alot with the lessons because he wants to come back to church and feel the spirit again  but,  he is taking baby steps which is good. Saturday we talked to Ruby and Bato again and Bato said that he is going to be a church every week for now on and we asked him if he wanted to pass the sacrament, so on sunday  Bato and I passed the sacrament. Sundaynight we went to Isaiah and Amanda's house and we talked to them for about 2 hours and talked about lesson 3 and the spirit was so strong and my companion Elder Hauck looked over at me and then looked back at them....He asked them if they would be baptized and prepare for baptism on Dec.24th, He said that the date just popped inot his head. Amanda said yes and started to cry, Isaiah said yes as well but whats to know more and find out in his heart if this is the right church for him. I shared with him my conversion story and after I was done I could tell that he made up his mind. This weeks numbers are 18 lessons taught, 2 people on date to be baptized, and 113 people talked to. thats all for this week.

Love Elder Ruiz

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