Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Possibly the last week in Arvada 2nd ward!

So this week wasnt that bad which is good. We did a total of 10 1/2 service hours and helped someone move. We got 2 new investigators and met with some people that my companions have already been working with.One of our investigators Lordan who is 9 years old knows alot about the church, her mom said that she knows more about the church that she  ever did and her mom is a less active member of about 3 years. Lordan wants to be baptized by her uncle but she hasnt been able to get ahold of him because he is busy at work but, they are having dinner with his family this week so lets hope things can work out. Ruby and Bato the only Latino's in our area haha, they are super cool. Ruby is trying to get sundays off so she can attend church and be baptized, she really wants to go to church and everything it makes me happy as a person knowing that someone has alot of desire to do something. Bato is trying everything he can to help Ruby with anything which is Key in a realtionship, their goal is to get sealed in the temple!! how sweet is that???   now onto Ryan and Melanie. so Ryan and Melanie are a nice couple maybe in their early 30's, we went over to their house and started with how to begin teaching and stuff and they had alot of questions which is good and we answered almost all of them and tried to answer them as basic as possible so they can understand. After our lesson they asked us if we wanted to come to one of their small bible study groups and explain what we believe in and stuff... I was very iffyy about it because I dont want to walk into a bible bashing and stuff but  they told us that there wont be any of that and my comps think it will be a good idea. Idk when that is going to happen so we will see. And last but not least Isaiah. His mom is a less active member and he is interested in the church and stuff which is good.He is in high school and is involved in sports so me and my comps can all relate to him and stuff. we met with Isaiah, him mom, and his 19 year old sister who is attractive( dont judge me) haha. We talked about the plan of salvation and explained everything and why its important, the spirit was so strong in their house.We invited them to church on Sunday and they said they will come and next next week they are going to watch the restoration video with the missionaries. Next Mondays is transfers and I am getting transferred but I have to go to orientation with the other new missionaries so I wont be able to write so ill write in 2 weeks. love and miss all of you guys.

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