Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dec 2nd Update

Hey everyone!! how's it going?? 
so on Tuesday we met with a member named braylan and talked with him for a little before going to Isaiah's house. We talked to Isaiah more about the commandments and stuff. After we got a call from an investigator named Ethel who is in a wheelchair, she asked us if we could drop off a envelop filled with money to her son who needed to pay his rent that day or he would have to move. So elder Hauck and I drove over to her house and asked her where he lived and it was a couple miles outside our area. elder Hauck and i for some reason didnt want to say no so we left our area to help an elderly lady and her son, when we got to his house he was in tears and thanked us for delivering the money from his mom. We talked to him a little longer and found out that he had a son that died 2 months ago he was 6 years old... We told him that our message can help him and his family with the difficult time they are going through and we asked him if he would be interested in our message and before we could finish saying those words he said 'yes I want to hear more about it,I want to hear to whole thing." so since he was out of our area we referred him to the missionaries out there. Thats why we couldnt say no to Ethel, the lord put this man in front of us because he needed help. Everyone knows that I will go out of my way to help someone who is in need because I love everyone i meet. later on that day we met with Ethel and talked to her more about the gospel. Wednesday we went to see a referral from Salt lake, Nilli Merchant, she is super cool! we saw here and talked about lesson 1 and we think she will be ready for baptism soon. we also saw the Hanks and watched the Restoration with them and made it fun! we had hot coco, popcorn and candy!! we finished off the night at Ruby and Bato's house and read with them. Thursday we had a district meeting so we couldn't play football with our ward members... lame!! after the district meeting me went to a members home and ate thanksgiving lunch. later that day we went to the Stanley Lake ward Elders Members house and watched the Ravens and Steelers game, and got to look at the new Xbox 1. Friday was kinda slow so we didnt do much just checked up on someone and thats about it.Saturday we went to the park and played football with some members and non members for a few hours. The language the non members used reminded me of home.  we helped the Huntley's in our ward move to their new house and talked to one of their neighbors while helping them move. We went around that night and reminded our investigator about church the next day.Sunday i went to church without my suit jacket because We were late to the Dry cleaners so that was a fun experience. We had 3 investigator at church yesterday and a less active member Ann Miller (Amanda's mom) the 3 were Isaiah and Amanda, and Renea Cubic. they all loved church!! last night for dinner we had breakfast at a members house.They told us to come over a little early to watch the rest of the Broncos game! so we watched the 3rd and 4th quarter then had dinner. I love the people here, they all watch the sports game as long as its a Colorado Team. so we dont miss out on sports at all. all the members tell us what happen in sports so Im not sad that Im missing sports. we finished off the night at Ruby and Bato's house. we had 19 total lessons this week. Love and miss you all!

Elder Ruiz

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