Thursday, December 26, 2013

Feliz Navidad

Hey everyone hows it going ? ¡Feliz Navidad

So this week wasnt that bad since alot of people are out of town and stuff like that.On Tuesday we got a new Investigator, his name is Jarold. Jarold is a super funny and relaxed person, we taught him talked to him for a little before we had to go. We met with a referral from our Bishop after Jarolds house. Daryl is his name. WE went to his house and he told us that he wants help  so he can stop smoking, we told him about our stop smoking program and everything. He seemed very interested. Wednesday we all met at the stake center and practiced out skit for our Christmas Devotional. Later on that day we went to see the Hanks and talked to them about lesson 3"The gospel of Jesus Christ". We asked them  if we could help them move and they said they love that. Im going to cry when they leave.... Its hard to say goodbye to someone who you made a connection with and really enjoyed seeing, It reminds me of when i left home. We ended the night at Ruby and Bato's house. We talked to them about Lehi's Vison - the tree of life. Jesica ( Ruby's granddaughter) liked it alot. Thursday we  drove down to Westminister to our Christmas Devotional we had it from 9-2. It was crazy fun !!!!!!!!!!!  We went to Jarold's later that day and we found out the he read almost all of Alma since we talked to him last and had alot of questions.  we told him to pray about the questions he has and they will  come to him in due time. Friday- we  went to the Bowlers house. ( family in our ward the is struggling.) We decided to  share a spiritual message with them about Hope and Faith. My Favorite scripture to use for Faith and Hope is(Ether 12:4) look it up and you will see why its my favorite for that. After I read the scripture i looked up and brother Bowler was in tears. he told me that was  what he needed to hear. The  power the Scriptures have is so amazing it blows my mind. We went to see Eli brackett right after and we talked to him about the plan of salvation he is a recent convert of a few months and is 10 years old. Saturday we say Andi Cory and talked to her about church and hows she is doing. She is trying to get sundays off so she can go to church and bring her son. Later that night we say Linsey ( one of our investigators) we talked to her about life and how her reading is going and stuff. She wants to get baptized but she is waiting for Jesse her finance  to get an answer so they can do it together.Sunday- we had an Investigator at church Nilli, she liked it alot which is good haha.  we say the greysin our ward and gave their children a blessing. We went to a new Move ins house later that night to introduce ourselfs. His name is Issaiah Magalei. He played football at BYU in the 90's super cool guy! he is a Poly and everyone knows how nice and generous they are. he fed us and talked to us about life and where we are from and stuff like that. thats all for the weekly report. Today for P-day we are playing dodgeball..... Everyone back home knows how competitive i get when it comes to sports and knows how hard a throw a dodgeball... THIS SHOULD BE FUN...... FOR ME!!!  ill let you guys know about the outcome next week. Im looking forward to skyping home on wednesday. oh i forgot. the family we are staying with asked my companion and i what we wanted for Christmas so we told them and they got us what we wanted.  we told them they didnt have to do that, they said we want to. so guess who got a Duck Dynasty Duck call ????? ......... this guy !!! 

Love Elder Ruiz

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