Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone!! how's it going ?  

This week was a decent week. On Tuesday we went to go see a former investigator named Peggy, she is a interesting person but very nice. We talked to her for a long time...( she likes to talk)  Wednesday we had a 100 taco party  for the Zone. The Conelys hosted it. We ended up eating 187 tacos.....  the top 4 missionaries had 27,23,23,17. a sister ate 17 tacos.. WOW!!  WE went to sister Maximoffs house and talked to her about for a little before heading over to Nilli Merchants house. We talked to Nilli about the plan of salvation  and after we put her on date to be baptized on the 25 of January. She is preparing herself and I know she is ready for this. Thursday we went to see Renea Kubic. She looks like she is doing alot better since having surgery. We talked to her about the importance of reading the scriptures . We told her to continue to pray  before we left. Friday we  went to Rubi and Bato's house and talked to them for awhile.  Bato showed us his double and triple platinum records!!  We talked to their family about church and  its importance. we also talked to them about the scriptures and printed out a talk from general conference in Spanish and gave it to him. Saturdaywe tried to see people but we decided to go shovel peoples driveways. We went to all the elderly people in our ward and did that. Sister Mooring saw us outside and came out and said " what are you doing???"  and I told her we were shoveling her driveway and she said  smiling " is it because im old" ..... I stopped myself from saying something dumb. I told her she does look a day over 56...... she is 84. she tells me that I know how to make a lady smile.... looks like I still got it guys!!!! haha. Sunday we had church at 9 so we came a little early and helped shovel the sidewalks of the church and other things. Guess who got to teach primary yesterday ??? haha  we got to Teach the 11 year old class..... Super fun, The kids love me here like they do back home its so cool!!  We went in early yesterday because it was pretty cold so no one wanted to open their doors... makes sense.  Thats all for this week. love you all !!

-Elder Ruiz

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