Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Busy Week

Hey everyone !! hows it going?? 

So on Tuesday we went to see Nilli Merchant and talked to her and answered some of her questions that she had, she has alot of great questions ! Wednesday we had a zone meeting to start out the day. We saw sister Maximoff and talked to her about going to thew temple and finding her a ride from the members in our ward. Thursday  we saw  Jennifer Haberal  and talked to her about coming back to church. She told us that when she gets up to go to church she always finds a way to stay home, she told us she always stops herself and doesn't know why.  after seeing her we went to Nilli's house again and talked about the plan of salvation more. it went really well. We ended our night by seeing Eli Brackett a recent convert of a few months and talked to him about  his trip to his dads. We talked about coming to church and told him we can get him a ride if he needs one. Friday we went to see Jarold and we took a priest from our ward with us....  he wasn't the best person to bring a priest to.  We had a fun lesson though. Saturday we had dinner at Nilli's house She invited her friend Mark Jackman over. ( he is the person that got her interested in meeting with us.) We broke the rules a little, we stayed over for 2 hours but we talked about her concerns and mark helped out alot. we pretty much went over lessons 1-3 in about 30 minutes without even knowing. Sunday was pretty good. I had to give  a talk in church  on how to receive personal revelation. We saw some less actives in our area and then finished the night off  by going to jennifer haberal's house and giving her a blessing. All this week we went around in our time we didn't have appointments and looked for all our less active members in our ward. Thats all for the week. love all of you guys!!

Love Elder Ruiz

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