Monday, June 16, 2014

Transfers. Last week in Parker and back to Arvada!

 So I got transferred.....Back to ARVADA!!! I am so stoked to be back here. So a recap of my final week in Parker. On Monday  we went to see the Edwards and talked to them about the Holy Ghost, The conversation went really well the kids had alot of questions and now they  understand more about the holy ghost. Tuesday we went  to see the Snells and read scriptures with them. Wednesday we tried some less actives. Thursday   We met with Cameron Dale and talked about Baptism and asked her to pray and ask if baptism is right for her. Friday all our appointments cancelled. Saturday we went to see some member before our transfer meeting. We found out that Elder Clough is going to finish his mission in the Parker ward and Im getting transferred  back to Arvada But im going to be in the 4th ward not the 2nd ward where i started out. So im in the same stake as Elder Harrington and Elder Neeley!   Sunday we went  to church and had lunch at the Snell's house. As we were driving we got a alert on our phone saying there is a tornado and to take shelter  but we were driving so we just ignored it and continued on our way to the Snells. We got to their house and they  told us that a tornado touched down on a golf course right next to their neighborhood.  We took some pictures with them and they gave me their contact info and told me to keep in touch. We visited the Greenups and the Steers as  well. Well thats all for this week I will let you know how this week goes with Elder Iverson.

Love Elder Ruiz

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