Monday, June 16, 2014

First week in new area

 So this week was slow since elder Iverson and myself are  new to the area. On Tuesday night we met with our ward mission leader and talked about the area and the work that as been going on. Wednesday we were walking around our area and we decided to try a member that lives by us since the ward is divided because we have another set of missionaries.  We went to see this member and  we knocked on the door and the person said that they don't live here. We were about to walk away but she asked us if we wanted to come in since it was down pooring. when we were walking it wasn't raining at all! Elder Iverson and myself knew that the lord wanted us to talk to these people.  We went into their house and started talking and they told us that they have seen missionaries around but didn't know what we do and stuff. We explained what we did and talked to them so more. We asked them for their names and they are Alex and Miara, She told us that miara's last name is the same as mine. Miara told us that she could have a baby at any moment, so I told her that i have the first aid merit  badge so bring it on! She said i would just need you to call 911! Her husband said  no if it goes down we are having them help us with this baby HAHA. Before we left their house we blessed it and they saiid we could come back anytime. Later that night we got a call from the zone leaders and they said they have a referral for us. We stopped by the referrals house and she left us in and told us that her father was a member of our church but she never talked to him about our church and she wants to know about it. We asked her to be baptized of july 5th and she said she would love that!!  We met with her again and talked about the Restoration of the Gospel with her.  on Saturday we had a appointment with Beth she is a investigator that the other elders before us found. Well thats all for this week. 

Love Elder Ruiz

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