Monday, May 12, 2014

Another Busy Week May 12th Email Home

Hey Everybody!
 My week this week was a good week. On Monday night we  went to the Edwards  house and taught their kids about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  On Tuesday  We went to the Scovill house and taught  their grandchildren. One of their grandchildren Cameron is unbaptized. She is a really cool little kid who wants to learn more and wants to get baptized.  We talked about the Plan of salvation and it went pretty well.  Wednesday we went to sister Metlace's house and talked to her about some of the commandments , Sister Metlace is Less active. On Thursday we saw sister Armstrong and her daughter Hannah, We talked about the plan of salvation. Hannah had alot of questions and wanted to know some things about the plan so thats why we talked about it.  Friday we saw the Greenup's We had dinner with them and talked about the commandments. When we sat down to eat he said that he would offer the prayer and he said " Sweet Baby Jesus" from  talladega nights. He said i kidding guys i would say a prayer like that. That by far was the best night of the week! on Saturday we met with Jeremy Dale , he is one of the Scovill's grandson's . We talked to him about coming back to church and activities, He said he  is Agnostic but he was baptized when he was 8.  We feel he is at that point in life when you just don't really know what you believe.  He talked to him about the Restoration and asked him to read the book of Mormom and he said he would, so hopefully he starts reading it and comes to the realization that its true. Sunday we went to church and after church the Snells invited us over for lunch. We has lunch  then went to the Edwards house to Skype home for Mothers day! Well thats all for this week ,  hope all the Mothers back home had a great Mothers Day !
love Elder Ruiz

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